Nottingam Pilates Testimonials


I have been having semi-private Pilates lessons with Michelle for over 2 years now. The difference it has made to my posture, core strength and all over body tone is great. Michelle is a highly qualified, professional and very friendly tutor. I didn't attend Pilates originally because of an injury as many people do, I use it together with running for an all over body workout. I cannot recommend it highly enough!


From the first session, Michelle has created individually-tailored sessions, not just for my particular overall needs, but also taking into consideration how I might be feeling during any given session. She is a great teacher and her one-to-one and semi-private sessions and mat-work classes are all wonderful. Michelle is very observant and knowledgeable, as well as being really encouraging about how to make progress, including providing ideas and exercises to continue working at home between sessions. Of the many benefits I have found since starting Pilates with Michelle, increased muscle tone, posture and flexibility have resulted in an increased sense of well-being, better balance and a reduction in muscle pain. And I can now find kneehigh boots that actually fit my previously unfittable calves!


Helen is an inspirational teacher who takes care with every move to ensure that you are safe at all times. I have been practising pilates with Helen once a week for the past 5 years. I've been in gyms and drop-in classes, but have found that this form of personal tuition has kept my resolve and commitment to fitness. I have less tension in my shoulders and lower back pain after seeing Helen.
She is also extremely careful to tailor the exercises to the individual in a safe and fun environment, an excellent and experienced teacher who can clearly explain the purpose and correct positioning of each and every pose, and tailors every session to her clients' needs and requests.
Her careful, conscientious approach also makes her perfect for anyone with injuries or dodgy knees/backs/whatever. And finally, she is extremely nice!"


I am 6'7" and have always struggled with back pain and restrictions due to my ridiculous height. I have been a weekly customer of my local osteopath for 7 years which really has resulted in treatment rather than a cure for my problems. I would regularly get pain just walking around, driving or just relaxing in a seated position. I would never consider myself fit but i do enjoy sport and my back has always held me back and even light sport caused pain and discomfort. I was advised by my osteopath to try pilates and i attended a few local group classes which if anything made me feel worse. As ever in my house I was forced to sit watching one of my girlfriends "girly" TV programmes and there was a feature on studio pilates and after a bit of research i found Nottingham Pilates. After a brief chat on the phone i arranged for a consultation and quickly signed up for ten more private classes. The private classes quickly highlighted to me exactly what was wrong with the large group classes, as you are trying to learn and understand the basic techniques the lack of constant advise and supervision I honestly think can lead to more harm than good. Helen explained to me why I was struggling in day to day life, feeling pain in certain areas and quickly identified areas i needed to work on. Helen even pointed out my hyper-mobility that neither my osteopath or other experts i have seen over the years had told me. After a few private classes I felt I understood the basic techniques and felt comfortable enough to attend the small group classes on offer. I have continued with my private classes for nine months now and have noticed a significant difference in day to day life, i feel much stronger in my lower and mid back and no longer get pain walking around or doing light sports. My osteopath has noticed a difference when looking at my back too and some of the small curvature in my back has also been reversed. I will definitely continue with my private classes and look forward to getting stronger and tackling harder exercises (you may see a picture of me balancing my weight on a large ball while doing a sit up on the web-site, trying this nine months ago this would have been dangerous!!!). My only regret is that due to work commitments i can't squeeze a second private class in each week as i genuinely believe the more you put into pilates the more you will get out of it.

My thanks to Helen and Nottingham Pilates.



....I've never sustained any exercise before, always got bored with yoga and the gym, but was referred to Nottingham Pilates following an early osteoporosis diagnosis five years ago. Now I'm a complete convert, Helen is such a good teacher, always encouraging, supportive and very knowledgeable; she makes sessions lively and varied and fun. I know I'm much stronger, mainly due to development of the inner core muscles which is central to pilates, plus my bone density has improved to normal levels.....



I have played lots of sport over the years especially tennis and my back at the top and lower down was frequently tight or in pain. It doesn't help spending all day at a PC screen bent over so I decided to try Pilates at the Nottingham Pilates Studio in the Monday classes with Jackie. Its really helped my back, has been great fun and I've met some nice people in the classes, some weeks the hour flys by and its certainly not a chore. I normally only last a few weeks with exercise but I have kept this up for over a year now and am enjoying ht results. The range of exercise has also help my tight hamstrings, given me more strength and improved posture. I have recommended several other people to join the class.



Before I started Pilates with Helen, in my mid-fifties, I had lost a significant amount of functional fitness. Having been an active walker, I had stopped because of feeling weak and poorly coordinated. I noticed tripping up and falling over more often. It was also an effort to sit for any length of time without slouching over. Most disappointingly, I had lost the ability to sing which seemed linked to poor posture. generally, I usually felt tired with aching muscles and I had recently developed dizzy spells. I remember being relieved to find there were no exercise machines and pounding music in Helen's studio, because I knew I couldn't cope with either at that time. The fact that dancers relied on Pilates exercises appealed to me and suggested it was an effective and efficient was of regaining and maintaining overall fitness. I found the exercises simple, easy and quite interesting whilst the stretching was an instant relief for my aching muscles. Over time, developing greater awareness of my body and maintaining the exercises has given me steady and rewarding improvement. Also I've been able to build up the intensity of the exercises without extra time and effort. Over the last three years, I've been able to restore my level of functioning so that I can now walk briskly and run across a road, feeling well coordinated. My back has become strong and straight and I have recovered much greater freedom in my voice. I now feel quite well, without any dizzy spells or balance problems. This summer I was able to enjoy walking for several hours over moorland paths again. In addition, I have found that my appetite has improved in response to more exercise and that sticking to a healthy diet has given me more capacity for exercise.



Pilates really works! I started going to regular classes with Michelle at Nottingham Pilates Studio more than 2 ½ years ago and I haven't looked back! Classes are great fun and I would recommend them to everyone! The exercises can be adapted to suit all abilities and are fantastic at helping to ease aches and pains! They have also helped me to become much stronger and more supple than ever before. I look forward to my Pilates classes each week!