Group Reformer Classes

Promote core strength!

Joseph Pilates invented the Pilates Reformer to promote core strength, alignment, muscle strength without bulk and flexibility in the body. The Reformer is a piece of equipment which has a gliding platform or 'carriage' attached by springs to the body of the Reformer. Exercises are performed lying down, standing and sitting offering all the benefits of Pilates with the additional benefits of increased resistance and versatility for fast results. The need for precision and control whilst practising the technique and the ability to connect mind and body means we restrict our Reformer group classes to a maximum of 5 people to give you the attention you need to grasp the principles safely and effectively. For this reason, booking is highly recommended.


We have classes suitable for all abilities. Ideally a new beginner would have a personal session to master the basic principles. These 55 minute classes are held at the following times:

Class Times:










Other classes may be available and private reformer classes can be arranged for groups of 3 to 5 people. Please contact Helen on 07799626068.