Individual Pilates

Sessions designed specifically for you.

The Pilates equipment gives versatility and challenge to fully perform the Pilates Method, exceptionally safe and effective. Studio Pilates is less widely recognised than matwork Pilates, mainly because there are only a few UK studios outside London. The benefits of individual studio sessions are that they give you a more effective and versatile way of practising Pilates, so they are great if you want results in as short a time as possible or if you need special attention in order to, for example, rehabilitate from injury or use the Method to improve specific sports performance.


In an individual studio session you will be working with the teacher on a private basis with a session plan tailored specifically to your personal objectives for each session. The equipment used gives both versatility and increased challenge to the Pilates Method, making it an exceptionally safe yet effective form of exercising.


Individual 1:1 Studios Sessions:

An individual 1:1 studio session gives you an instructor dedicated to you for the whole session. This provides you with a total body workout specifially designed for you under close supervision. You can be confident of quick, targeted results.


Please call Michelle on 075 33 920 453 to arrange an appointment.